Because you're amazing...

poem :D i think i did good :D

Created by rawrbitemebetch on Monday, September 01, 2008

Hearts are broken everyday,
Smiles turn to frowns,
Everything changes in it's own little way,
Optimistic people may turn from down.
Life isn't perfect,
It'll never be,
But look at me and hear this,
When we're together life IS perfect to me.
You dazzle people as you walk this earth,
Your smile can break peoples' hearts,
You're so gorgeous and amazing it hurts,
But I know you're mine and we'll never be apart.
Your phone calls make my heart hurt my chest,
To hear your voice just makes me smile,
I'll love you forever...until I'm laid to rest,
But I hope that's not too soon...for YOU make this life worth while.

by:Megann yo

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