He's my bestfriend, Break his heart, I break your face

This is a poem about a girl and her best friend he's a boy that get's a girlfriend. The girl get's jealous thinking him and his friend are more then just good friends. That girl's wrong and breaks his heart and his friend seals the deal...

Created by BlackRoseAlchemist111 on Saturday, September 06, 2008

He was her bestfriend
She loved him dearly
But wouldn't ever say
When that other girl came along
She stated clearly
His my bestfriend
If you break his heart
I break your face
She smiled and laughed
Yeah right, you got to be kidding
The girl let it slide
That lady better watch it
What the girl said was true
Because she thought of that boy
More then a friend
You break his heart
I break your face
He was like an older brother
She loved him as so
She wanted him no more then family
A relationship would mess up
A very happy ending
Friends they would stay
Until she got jealous
His girlfriend said, "Just back off"
The other laughed
I've said it before
I'll say it again
He's my bestfriend
Break his heart
I break your face
The other got mad
And began to fuss
Thefriend justlaughed
"Oh you think your so tough"
The otherknew better
Shedidn't know how
Herfriend had fallen for her
But he was happy
and that's all she wanted
The next day the girl called it off
"I know she's more then a friend"
The next day the boy told his friend of the ocurence
The other simply smiled
She should know better
I'm nothing but a friend
And I like it that way
Boys are weird
And so am I
But in a relationship right now
Yeah right, you can forget it
The boy laughed at her
I knew you'd care
The girl pushed him slightly
You know I have your back
That afternoon the Ex came by
The friend was waiting with a smile
I warned you more then once
Did I not?
He's my bestfriend
You break his heart
I break your face
You broke his heart
So now I'll seal the deal

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