Our past makes us who we are

Reality check.

Created by xxbrookiepooxx on Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Our past makes us who we are.
It has shaped us into what we've become.
I've hurt more than I though imaginable.
But I've gained so much more than I've lost.
I lost the one I love.
But I've gained the truth.
I've gained a new, stable, piece of mind.
I'm gained the best friends in the world.
I've gained self control.
I've gained tolerance.
I've gained.. myself.

The past five months of my life is just that.
The past.
The memories make me wince.
But my strength makes me smile.
Makes it all worth the pain.

I've reached the point where the pain was uncontroallable.
I couldn't handle it. I couldn't make it. Not alone.
I feel like I'm losing my grasp on reality.
That everything that makes sense, isn't.
All my emotions are mixed up. Jumbled.
I'm trying counseling. Hoping it helps.
Hoping to find some answers.
Hoping to find myself.

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