Poem bout my homeland my "replacement" for Lupang Hinirang.....I worked really hard for this.....If u have time please rate and comment.........ENJOY!^_^

Created by ForeverFilipino91 on Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Philippines my country
People living in poverty
Philippines my Homeland
I miss the beaches' sand

Philippines my Life
A country so fresh like apples so ripe
Philippines my Friend

My country till the very end

Philippines my Family

Will I go back there finally?

Philippines my Mom

The country where I came from

Philippines my Dad

I miss my country so bad

Philippines my Joy

Wake up Filipino's! HOY HOY!

Philippines my End

A country no one can Contend

Philippines my Son

I would go there evenif I had to pay a ton

Philippines my Daughter

Joy of kids and their laughter

Philippines my Father
The country I would live in rather

Philippines my country!


IF you are a Filipino AND proud of it OR you just want to put your name in a stupid list.......
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