Im not perfect

a poem about not being perfect

Created by musickidxx on Wednesday, September 24, 2008

im not perfect
not even close
and i dont intend to be
but that doesnt give you the right to judge me
i know ima screw up i know i make more mistake then others
but still u shouldnt judge me because of that
you think it's funny to see me fail at everything i do
you say i'll never make it
i know i never will
but i will try
i will prove you wrong
i won't let you control who i am
cause i'll never be who you want me to
i'll be whoever i want
and ill do whatever i want and you cant stop me
im not sorry if i disapoint you
im not sorry if you hate me
thats your own D*mn fault
i wont try to make you impressed
cause new flash i dont live to please you
but mark my words with bright colors
i will prove you wrong
i will make something of myself
im know im not perfect
but neither are you

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