~ * ~ Two Girls ... One Guy ~ * ~

Sorry For the Long Delay ... But Here Is Another Poem By Moi! ^_^ So .... This Poem Is Actually About Me And My Friend ... I've Liked This Guy For Over A Year Now And She Never Liked Him Until She Saw Him ... So Now It's This Huge Messed Up Love Triangle Thing Between The Three Of Us ... I Love My Friend And All ... But She Has No Right Doing That To Me ... I Love Him ... But She Wants Him ... So Yeah ... Enough With My Problems ... Read, Rate, And Message Please! ^_^

Created by MCRchickx on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Glam And Pearls
Rumours And Lies
Barbie Girl
She’s So Fly

She’s So Fake
Nails And Hair
Hearts She Breaks
Without A Care

Just An Accessory
Is What He’d Be
Though She’s Phony
He Can’t See


Spins And Twirls
Hyper But Shy
Dark Brown Curls
Big Brown Eyes

Love She Takes
It Seems Fair
Her Heart Breaks
Cause No One Cares

She’s So Pretty
But No One Sees
Her Beauty
Besides Me


The Two Girls
Like This Guy
Plastic Pearls
Emo Cries

One Heart Breaks
Her Lungs Lose Air
The Decision He Makes
Will Be One Of The Pair

Oh How Pity
That He Can’t See
The One It’ll Be
Won’t Be Me

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