All you've done

Decided to write a poem about friendship and how you should appreciate them. Thanks for the hundreds of messages I've gotten! Wow, I didn't know I could be THAT popular.

Created by Lexi118 on Friday, October 03, 2008

.:Dedicated to my twue fwend, Bwittany (you always be my vampire!!):.
Everything you say,
Everything you do,
I've loved you all the time,
and it hurts to tell the truth.
But I look back at our memories,
our fatalities,
and you were there,
always there,
All You've done,

Is All I've needed,

You can cut my heart out,

and find I won't be bleeding,

Thank you for being my true friend,

thanks for being my guide,

the person who made me strong,

the person who made me mad at times,

the personI love is you and I will never fight,
beyond my wonders come true,

and it is you I like.

(c)Lexi118 [Jennifer]

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