The Violin Poem

Ok I play the violin and have noticed about 2 years ago music started to change. So I wrote this on what I think about the violin and Modern terrible music killing sounds.

Created by Yumi3322 on Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The violin
A beautiful instument
For some it's their passion
For others it's for entertainment

The smallest of the family
Although small, it's still well known
Violia, Cello, Bass
They are just like the mother, father, and sister

Some people think they are just instuments
Others are different
They believe it's the way to express themselves
I think both theories are correct

Yes it is just an instument
Yes you can use it to express yourself
Or as a very pleasurable sound in a song

Would songs be the same without the violin's creation?
Would music come as far as modern music?
Would the classics be the same classics as before?
How should we know, but the violin must have been created for a reason
At least that's what I believe in

Most modern music doesn't use the violin in their peice
Most musical artists now use technology to computerize their voice
Instead of showing their true talent
Modern has killed the violin

No one in the NEW music world uses it
No one has the talent to I guess
Music has died
Music is not music

What people call "music" is nothing more than bad rappers and beats
Where did the note go?
Will they come back?
I hope so, because music is gonna stay dead until it does

Rappers and beats may be "in"
But their not
Not in my heart at least

I wanna know
Where did the country I used to know go?
I grew up with Alan Jackson
The OLD kind of music

I am tired on this so called "music"
Without the violin, there is no "country" music
Keith Urban, Talor Swift, Carry Underwood
They are not TRUE country

They are nothing but country wannabes
The NEW thing
They say country is "cool" now
But it's not

Country is nothing but rubble
It was poped like a bubble
But the new country
That is just rap, pop, and rock

I wonder if the country I used to know will ever come back
Will the violin still be used in the future of music?
When I was younger I wanted to be a singer
Did you?
Well I can tell you I don't anymore

Music is not music
Music is dead
Unless the violin makes a come back, I don't think music will ever be alive again

Why would I want to be part of the reason that music died
I love music
Well I did for the 12 years that I knew it
I wanted to make it for the rest of my life but then 2 years ago happened

That was when the music died
When I finally became a teenager
My life ended with music and the violin
Music was my life but now it's dead and I am too

I took up the violin when I was 9
That was so I could keep country alive
After how kids my age didn't listen to country
I knew that when we were older the generation wouldn't support country in the future

Sadly I say I was correct
Now I think me taking violin won't save it
Music is already dead, Country too
I was too late to save it

So should I stop playing the violin
No, I shall continue to play
Because if I get the chance in the future to revive country
I shall be glad I stuck with it

The violin to me is a representative of country music
Music not beats, rap, and bad sounds of fake techno
They are not what the classical composers excepted to happen
If they had known what would have happened, do you think they would have composed?

If you agree with me on my thoughts
Stand up for the music that is RIGHT not wrong to be so called "cool"
If you play the violin, do you think you will get a shot at the music world if the sound continues this way?
I don't think so, save music before all your playing goes to waste, along with the rest of the world

Music used to be a way to express culture
Some with violin and others without
In New Orleans it was jazz
New York blues

That's alright
They expressed themsleves, but if all music is the same is it really expressing yourself?
It sounds to me that they copy off each other and aren't very original
But me, I express myself through what I believe in
True music and the violin

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