The World Outside My Window

Written for a contest on DeviantArt, which one first place in the literature section. It's the longest poem I've ever written, and I think it's my favorite, too. Written for everyone who hasn't yet learned about what's beyond that sheet of glass.

Created by imamoose on Thursday, October 09, 2008

There’s a world outside my window
That only I can see
Sometimes, I wish someone else could see it
But in the end, it’s only me.
Most adults, I know, think there’s no hope
And we all are just too far gone.
But, just as the sun always sets into night,
So it must also rise into dawn.
And though I sit up in my room,
There is a way through which visions pass.
The only thing separating me from these visions
Is that one little piece of glass.
And through that sheet of clear truth,
I can see both sides of the coin
There is a world where both dark and light exist
There is a world where they always join.
I see a woman in a large city
Who just sits and stares at the skyline
And when someone asks what she’s doing
She only tells them she’s looking for a sign.
Now what she’s looking for, no one knows
No one knows what goes on in her mind
We all could guess if we really wanted to,
But I think we’re afraid of what we’ll find.
Speaking of fear, there’s a boy in the corner
Hiding from the monsters under the bed
Everyone tells him he’s insane
But he knows it’s not all in his head.
Creatures of society, these monsters are
Each one a slave to their dreams
And in this rough-and-tough world
They have to take them by any and all means.
Dreams are such wishful things these days
As the old man dying in bed well knows.
His anesthetic induces its own kind of sleep,
One in which no images show.
But that anesthetic also kills inside
Because pain is something we’re supposed to feel
Otherwise, how else are we supposed to know
If what we’re living is fantasy or real?
And my life is most definitely real
For I feel the pain that every person holds
I watch them go through it every day
Through the stories that my window unfolds.
But my window does not jut show hurt,
It shows love and happiness too.
So I’ve come to understand life gets better
When one thing dies, another is born anew
I see a couple kiss on the bus,
Oblivious to the world in their bliss.
They’ve both seen their fair share of hate
But it’s made up for in a moment like this.
There’s a little boy, and his mom, too.
He found a penny in the parking lot.
And you can still see and revel in his joy
Even though he knows it’s not the only one he’s got
And the beggar woman nearby smiles
When he gives it to her instead.
She thanks him kindly, and knows he hears
All the little things that went unsaid.
A little girl used to sit alone in her room,
Calling herself broken beyond repair.
Those days are long gone now, you see,
It seems she’s found someone who cares.
Of course, the world was once more hopeful,
But that was once upon a time.
However, I believe that if we try,
Then we can bring it back into its prime.
You see, this window of mine,
It’s not just some heated up sand.
It’s a way of showing me
All the ways I could lend a hand.
It should be mentor to each and all of us
Show us where to help and what to do
And we’ll do it together, side by side,
We’ll be superheroes, me and all of you.
So when the world out there needs saving,
You know exactly who to call.
We can learn how to fix anything
Because through our windows, we can see it all.
So, now you know about this window of mine
And exactly why it’s so special to me.
Because without ever even saying a word,
It tells me what the world needs to see.

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