Walking In The Rain

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Created by XscarletXhorrorX on Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eyes closed, I can hear the almost silent tap of rain
It's soft call makes my heart ache painfully
Walking outside, engulfed by the cool mist of rain
Droplets of water come in contact with pale skin
Like the water can wash away all my sins
Take back what happened between you and I
All the things I said and did...
It's not that I regret you but sadly you regret me
I feel like I'm trapped in the past, struggling to move on
And the rain is the fine line between the past and the future
Sopping wet hair hides all my glorious shame
Torn apart and shatterd on the inside
Sitting here with agony on one side and anguish on the other
I don't love you anymore, but I can't forget you
My heart beats to the rythm of someone else's
Though I dare not reveal my hidden feelings
Solitude weighs down my heart as the rain continues
Puddles of water conjure my memories of you
And they reflect my pathetic lonely self
But despite all the hurting and melancholy thoughts
Despite the bittersweet tears of the clouds that fall endlessly
I must admit I love walking in the rain
Because no one will know I'm crying

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