Seven Year Old ChildHood

A Seven Year Old Girl Lovingly Enjoys Her Childhood, but Her Happiness Ends When Her Close Loved One Passes Away. This Can Go Along With A Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, Other. If U Want You Could...... Share This Poem With Others, Rate It, Add It To Your Favorites, Leave Me A Note Saying How U Relate, Or Who It Reminds U Of ,Or Just Leave Me A Note To Say Hi. Hope U Enjoy This Poem amd My Other Creations. Thanks

Created by yahyah4eva on Monday, October 13, 2008

When I was Seven I
I Stroked My Hair
Against Your Smooth Arm
You'd Chase Me Through The House
and Gently Place Me Into The Warm Bath Water
You'd Fly Me Through The Air
Swish and Glide Through The Sky
Which Seemed To He Cooler and Cooler By The Second
You Would Toss Me On Your Shoulders
and Keep Me Their For Hours
Just So I Could See The Parade
You'd Lean In
and Bat Your Thick Lashes
So I'd know To Give You Soft Butterfly Kiss On The Cheek
Seasons Past
And I Soon Forgot What It Was Like
To Be A Young Seven Year Old Girl
You'd Slowly Vanished Out Of My Life
Until You Were Invisible
And I Couldn't See You Anymore

You Could Not Fly Me Through The Sky
Or Place Your Butterfly Kisses On Me
Or Even Toss Me To See The Parade
Somebody Asked Me If I Was Alright
And I Slowly Nodded My Head
Even Though My Heart Was Slowly Breaking Into A Million Pieces
A Kind Lady Picked Me Up
And Placed Me In A Car
Next To Me Was A Box
I Smelled Your Clothes
Shook Your Keys
And Sadly Brushed My Cheek
Where Kisses Used To Be Placed.
As We Rode In The Car
I Flased Back To My

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