I'll Never Be Good Enough


Created by Roses-For-The-Dead on Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Not much to say. Just a poem I wrote.
I'll Never Be Good Enough
He's perfect in my eyes
He's not like all the other guys
I try to be pretty
I try to be smart
Just for him
He conquered my heart
I love him more than you'll ever know
Although I can never let it show
I'll never be good enough
Not for him
He would want someone beautiful and bright
Someone who can make him smile in the dead of night
I can never be what he wants me to be
All I can hope is one day
He'll love me for me
I become frustrated and desperate
I love him so much
Everyday I crave his touch
Around him I act like nothing has changed
That we are still good friends
But inside my heart bleeds for him
And it will till the end
It will never happen between us
I have to be tough
I just hate knowing
I'll never be good enough

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