My So Called Friend

I laugh at the end everytime.... (This was inspired by fights I have with mah BFFs!!! We fight for 2 days.... then we're BFFs again! :D lmao right???)

Created by xXLostInLiliesXx on Friday, October 17, 2008

"Friends forever"
Written on my binder,
My tears spill over,
Forever just ended,
My so called friend.

What caused this,
This sudden betrayal,
To abruptly end our bond,
Our forever,
My so called friend?

I helped you,
You hurt me,
You're like a leech,
Or like a disease killing me,
My so called friend.

I hope your happy,
Causing such biting words,
Causing such hostile emotions,
I hope your happy,
My so called friend.

Do I miss you,
Do I care,
What ever happens to you,
Doesn't really matter,
My so called friend.

He broke your heart,
He ripped it up,
Spat it at you,
Not that I care,
My so called friend.

Your laughter echoes in my head,
Your words leaving a sour after-taste,
Not that I care,
But I hope your happy,
My so called friend.

Do I miss you,
Not at all,
That day is on playback in my dreams,
Thank-you for this inspiration,
My so called friend.

Its been a while,
Since we talked,
Since we laughed...
Aw screw this,
My best friend.

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