My Guy Best Friend

About one of my best friends.

Created by glory012 on Monday, October 20, 2008

Almost four years gone by
I've known you
But last year
We started walking as two
Nothing romantic
Not at all
But not all believe
They say we'll fall
So what you're a boy
It doesn't matter to me
We tell ones around us
But they will not see
Why will they not be conviced
Of the innocence of us
It's so stupid
Why all the fuss?
I try to ignore it
But the taunting is neverending
I'm just glad the way things are
But I'm always defending
I guess it's dumb
To be this frustrated
But when your boyfriend can't trust you-
It's too overrated
Thank you
for always being able
to make me laugh
when I want to cry
and for being like a brother
when my friends say
all the assumed crap
they think of
and also
for helping me
with my boyfriend issues
It means a lot :)

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