A cold winter day

Wow....is so cheerful.

Created by Snowyfoxs on Monday, October 20, 2008

In a cold winter day,
everything was gray.
The only light came from this flickering candle,
the hot wax slowly drips off the handle.
I feel so cold,
in this mansion that so old.
I wandered down this same old steps,
my death was cause by missteps.
Ivies are entangling the wall,
of this once great hall.
My once beautiful dress,
is now a mess.
Stained red with blood,
and with splatters of mud.
Tears stream down my eyes,
as I thought about the people I didn't get to say good bye.
But they what not watery tears thats clear,
they are bloody tears.
My only love appeared out of nowhere,
laughing as he scooped me up and taking me out tothe cold,night air.
Without him I would rather not exists,
missingthe warmth of his embrace, his brown hair soft under my hand,kisses I could never resists.
We look up at the cold winter night sky,
slowywith his hand he brushed away the tears I cried.

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