(-u broke my heart-)


Created by kaydc08 on Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You broke my heart and its finally sinking in that you’re gone.

So I think it’s time to tell you how I feel.

I’m over this feeling of sadness and despair I’m ready to live happy again.

Yeah I’ll admit it it’s hard to handle knowing we are not together.

You made my dreams come true.

You made me laugh when I really wanted to cry.

You kissed me in such a way I got butterflies in my stomach.

You were there for me through it all

You were my rock, my strength.

You made me believe I was the only one.

You told me to count on forever and then you took it all away.

With a single mistake you ruined our future together.

But I won’t let these thoughts get me down anymore.

After all you weren’t as great as I thought.

You go about your life like I was never a part of it.

You have moved on so I’m going to try my best to do the same.

I’m not brave but you taught me to be strong.

After all, all is fair in love and war.

Still after everything u put me through I will love you always and forever and

I will forever have battle scars on my heart from you.

So thank you they only make me stronger.

Strong enough to walk away from you today without a single regret in my mind or tear in my eye.

You taught me to never trust.

Never give in.

& that once someone cheats they are forever a cheater!

So thank you for cheating on me thank you for making me feel worthless it only made me strong enough to realize all that I really deserve

But after everything the one thing I want you to remember is I’m not you!

So while you’re off fucking her

Remember 1 thing, what goes around comes around!

& when some girl plays you like you played me I hope you fall hard like I did for you!

& when this does happen I promise u I won’t be there for you.

I will never regret you, even after all the pain you put me through

You will always be in my heart

After all you were my first love and the one that broke my heart.

You can say you didn’t do the things you did but I know the truth and I will always keep it in my


But I will no longer stand by you and act like everything is fine.

It’s your turn to look like a fool!

I’m done with you for good this time so have fun with that nasty ho!

& when she does you like you did me I will laugh in your face like you did mine.

This is my final goodbye to you.

I will never say how I miss you

I will never tell you how much it hurts

I will never have my heart broken again by you

I will never whisper good bye after this, this has to be the end of us.

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