four year old girl


Created by littlexxxlee on Thursday, October 23, 2008

there was agirl
four years of age
who got sexually abused by the cousin
becasue he was full of rage
the girl didnt know what was happening
niether did she know it was wrong
her mouth kept shut about it
as she was trying to stay strong
remembering that horrible time
she would often shed a tear
as she didnt get abused only once
it happened for over a year
she kept it her secret
as no one did she tell
she felt sad and alone
she wished he would burn in hell
she wonders if he remember what he did
as she cries in bed at night
at sixteen years old he knew what he was doing
so why didnt he stop when he knew it wasnt right
still trying to stay stong
the girl smiles each day
at 13 years of age
she is now heading the right way
but she hates him now
becasue of all the pain
thinking of him makes her sick
she never wants to see him again

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