I dreamt of you last night.

i dont ever want to froget this.....i cant stop thinking about my dream and you.

Created by birdwings3 on Friday, October 24, 2008

I had a dream last night, and you were there.
We were at my house, sitting on my bed.
You were making me laugh, like usual.
Then you just stared at me.
I studied your face closely.
Then you leaned and kissed me, over and over.
I just thought to myself that it was a dream.
It felt so real.
My heart raced, it felt like it might stop.
I stopped kissing you.
Then I saw the most beautiful smile appear on your face.
You had to go.
You asked me to walk you out.
I did, then you kissed me once more.
I didnt want to let you go.
Everything was perfect now.
But thenI woke up.
I sighed, and told myself that is was just a dream.
I wanted that to be so true.
I wanted to be able to call you mine.
To be able to say that I would be yours forever.
I wanted you to stand by me forever, never leave me.
I couldnt go back to sleep.
I realized thatI was sitting where I was in my dream,
but you were not across from me.
I want to dream this same dream for the rest of my life.
My dream that was my perfect dream because you were there.

I have dreamt about only one other guy, but i like him for a year.

You, I have liked you for a month.

I never dreamt about this guy like how i dreamt about you.

I dont know why this is.

-if any of you readers could give me advice on what to do, because this actually happed to me. If you cant give me advice, could you talk to me, tell me about what you think. The begining of this is really the poem the next paragraph is somewhat the poem but more to inform and just say what i need to say. Please talk. Thank you. Hope you liked it.

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