The Life Of My Uncle....

This is based on a true thing that happened. My uncle died on 3-9-08 od brain cancer. He was only 34 and passed away. He was sadly missed and I was sad about it so I wrote a poem about him. Everything in here is true.

Created by Sasunarulover13 on Friday, October 24, 2008

Today was a very sad day,
I'll tell you why, heres what I have to say:
My wonderful uncle, Eward Smiley, has passed away.
He died because of the cancer he had,
Who would be glad?
Certainly not me, I am very sad.
I know in my head, that he is in peace in heaven,
Watching down on me, happily, as he doesnt have to suffer anymore.
But in my heart I know, as my heart tells me so,
My heart is in two, as these tears continue to fall.
I still wish he was here, but I dont want him suffering anymore.
In a way, I am glad he is in heaven, no more suffering for him.
But in a way, I am so sad, I dont talk a lot in class anymore.
Because I miss him being here, I havent seen him in over 3 years.
I didnt even get to say goodbye, didnt get to see your peaceful face.
And you didnt get to see mine.
I know I should be happy, because your happy now, and not suffering.
In a way I am, but I miss you so much.
But, my dear uncle, watching down on me,
I will always love you and keep you in mymemory.
Know that you were loved very much.
My love for you, my dear uncle, will never die
I will always love you like a dad, until the day that I die
My uncle, I love you, please be happy where you are...

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