If I were you and You were me

I haven't written a poem in a while so I thought I would. Enjoy!!!

Created by Hellsangel013 on Friday, October 24, 2008

If I were you and you were me
Where exactly would be be?
Would you understand my hurt and pain?
Would I understand yours?
Would I see things in a different light like you do?
Would you?
What if every thought that swirled around in my head haunted you with terrifying agony
What if your thoughts haunted me
Were both too wounded
We can't understand the other
For ourselves are too absorbed
The pain, memories, fear,happy sad and unspeakable either way they're too different.
I could never truly understand you
Nor you would me
So once again I ask,
If I were you and you were me,
Where exactly would we be?
The answer,
We'll never know

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