Just Because I Smile

my emo voice in head Seth wrote this so enjoy this craptastic poem

Created by musickidxx on Saturday, November 01, 2008

Just Because i smile doesnt mean im happy
it means im trying to cover up my pain
Just Because i cry doesnt makes me a baby
it helps me feel better like walking in rain

Just Because i listen to music doesnt make me feel better
it means i dont want to hear you insult me which is very mean

Just Because i laugh doesnt make mean im having fun
it just makes it harder for my pain to be seen
Just Becuase i want to jump doesnt mean i will
it simply means i know how much you'll care enough to stop me
Just becuase your with me doesnt make me safe
it means i know my pain is clear for you too see
And Just Beause you'll listen to my problems doesnt mean i have to tell you
it means i want to....

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