im losing you but im still loving you

i have no clue why i wrote this but i think its because im feeling love right now but i dont know why im feeling love but i hope you enjoy reading it

Created by XxKiMmIxX21 on Saturday, November 01, 2008

im loving you but i feel like im losing you
tears keep falling down
im finally trying to make a brake through
the thing is that i still dont know how
it must be your love that i have in my heart
that keeps me going
or that you never let me fall apart
you still loved me and now i keep showing
my love for you even though
im losing you but im still oving you
everyday evey waking hour
is all the power
i just gota get past the haunted tower
im glad that im afarid
but to tell the truth
im afarid that
im losing you but i know that im still loving you
i dont know what it is
but all i know is that i cant resist
it must be my love
or the idea that i know that your still mine
or the idea that your here every time
im telling you it must be that i know
im losing you but im still loving you
but todays the day
that i will finally understand
that maybe our love cant hold
that you cant be told on how to love
i guess ill pay the coast
it doesnt matter just as long as i got the chance to love
i think it was you
the one who could always love me too
i now know that im losing you but im still oving you
its time for me to go
but before i do
i just wana let you know
that i dont know who said this
but they said that love is fine
just as long as it mine
love is loving someone
or maybe even just calling them hone
but everyone knows that love is nothing that you can bring
its the fact that you could get to love all sorts of things
i hate to admit that im losing you but im not afarid to say
that love is that fact of me still oving some one like you till this day
so i say it again im feel me losing you but i also feel me still loving you

hope you like it

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