Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love Most?

A poem about why we are so critical of those we love and what we shoudl do instead. Enjoy!

Created by wackoweirdo on Sunday, November 02, 2008

How is it that those we love

Are those we hurt the most

Why is it so easy for them to disappoint

But so hard to make us proud

What makes us so impossible to please

A reaction that lets them think they have let us down

Love works in very curious ways

Allowing such relationships to occur

Where we just push and push

Knowing that your pupil is capable of more

Getting them to overstep their parameters

To reach new heights and accomplish more

So unrelenting and severe it may seem

This odd practice that we have

That only the strongest can survive

They go beyond all expectations without a single crackup

As for the rest, the majority

They cannot stand the constant, heavy burden

To have to always have to be something more

They can only go so far

Like silly putty, it only stretches so much

Their psyche can only stretch so far, so fast

It needs more time to warm it up

Still you ignore their helpless pleas

So their souls crack open and bleed

Bleeding the will to live

To persist and survive

Now they do not feel safe anymore

Thinking they aren't adequate enough to deserve to live

So deep inside they die

And your so busy with getting them to change

That you no longer realize the change

Their once sweet smile is now sour and bitter

Filled with resentment and loving

They go through life a broken soul

Ready to conform without thought

To those up higher on the ladder

Those who were able to come out unscathed

The majority no longer try to please

Only getting by with minimal effort

Next time you find yourself expecting more

Remember to please give them more time

Show them you're proud of the progress they've made

They need your affection so they know that you care

So they always know you will be there for them

If you cultivate their soul and love them unconditionally

Someday they will succeed and love all living things

Achieve more than the most optimistic of thoughts would permit

This confident, loving push

Will drive them to be the best that they can be

And with this they can change the world

So it can finally be full of peace and love

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