I thought you loved me.

This was my first so if you dont like it then whatever.

Created by emogirl121 on Saturday, November 08, 2008

I thought you loved me, but I was wrong.
We spent every minute of everyday together,
but that wasn't enough, we emailed, texted, and called eachother.
We'd spend hours and hours on the phone,
but that wasn't enough. You were my first kiss.
We had shared it under the big oak tree, our special spot.
I guess it wasn't very special. You lied to me, you caused me pain,
you cheated on me, and with who, my sister, you took her there to our special spot. I loved you,
you were all mine. Until you meet my family.
I saw you watching her from across the table,
you winked, smiled, and when you saw me catch you,
you look down embarrassed. My heart was torn,
wounded, the edges stung, I was missing, you didn't even care.
I loved you, you were my life my everything.
And now I'm alone and in the dark,
no one cares,
I awoke from a dream screaming,
you had left me.
My sister said I'm sorry but no ones perfect.
It was for the best.
She was pretending. I knew better. I said forget it your not worth my breath anymore, fuck both of you.
I loved you, and I thought you loved me.

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