Blue Bird Of Happiness

OMG, this poem is basically about... it's just that one my friends gave me this blue bird thing.... soo yeahh... wrote about it... (zomg why I'm I saying all this!? XD )

Created by deilicious19 on Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's funny, how the first precious gift you've given me

Had coincided with a certain song I keep hearing.

I always started dreaming

Of seeing you again,

After I made our friendship disappear for two years,

I went from crying tears of saddness

To tears of gladness.

The skies and the seas are always my true blues,

Seas that were as deep as me missing you,

And the sky,

Is where the gift that came from you,

Flew away,

Came back to me spiritually

And it given me my old strength again,

My memories of me and you

Shall never end,

Because I know, that no matter where I go,

My blue bird of happiness will always

Show me the way back,

To where we last left track of each other.

Now I truly feel, that we are best friends for real...

Seems like we'll be friends forever,

If we are not,

Then I will always keep my most prized treasures.

Because, you were one of my bestest friends,

Thank you, my friend...

For my blue bird of happiness.

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