Emo Nursery Rhymes

We all know the mother goose nusery rhymes. so me and my friends turned some into emo rhymes. Hope you enjoy =P (Please take no offence to these me and my friends are emo also these are just for fun)

Created by XrosesxofxblackX on Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Teapot
Im a little teapot black and emo
Here is my razor here is my arm
When you get thirsty call me up
Just slit my wrist and drink me up
The Emo Is Snoring
Its raining its pouring
The emo is snoring
He cut his wrist
And popped some pills
So he wont get up in the morning
Little Emo Had A Razor
Little emo had a razor
Had a razor, had a razor
Little emo had a razor
Oh, how it shined
Everywhere that little emo went
Little emo went, little emo went
Everywhere that little emo went
His razor was sure to go
He took it to school one day
School one day, school one day
He took it to school one day
We dont know this line < -----(we put that line in on purpose)
It made the childern cry and die
Cry and die, cry and die
It made the childern cry and die
To see a razor at school
1,2 This For You
1, 2 This cut is for you
3, 4 Why did you walk out the door?
5, 6 Look at my bloody wrist
7, 8 You've come back to late
9, 10 I'll never wake again
Cut, Cut , Cut Your Wrist
Cut cut cut your wrist
Gently down the vein
Bloody bloody bloody bloody
Cut for broken dreams

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