I Love Everything About You

To N.K.L.

Created by xASYLUMQUEENx on Friday, November 14, 2008

You are perfect
My angel sent from heaven to rescue me
From my empty life
Give me a reason to breathe
To wake up in the morning
To dream every night
To get through the day
So i can go home and talk to you
I love everything about you
Your caring, sensitive eyes
Your hair
Your amazing personality
Your calming voice
Your arms, the way you wrap them around me
I feel like I could fly
And I never want you to let go
I just want to stand cemented to the spot
In your arms
For all eternity
I love that you make me blush
I love that i'm always the last voice you hear
Before bed every night
I love how you are so protective of me
And make sure that no one hurts me
I love how you always make time to call me
Even when your busy with your friends
I love how we can talk about everything
I love how you will call me at 2am
I love how you wrote a song for me
It's the most beautiful song i ever heard
And i love that i can write all these things that i love about you
I guess it's cuz i love you

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