I Cried(A poem about the pain of losing your mother)

This poem is entitled "I Cried" and it was writen by yours truly a few days ago, I just thought I might share it with you

Created by LunaVixen on Friday, February 17, 2006

I cried
Remembering the day you slipped away
Remembering the way you held me fast
Remembering what you said
I cried
Knowing I would never see you again
Looking in the mirror at my tearstained eyes
Missing you and all you taught me
I Cried
Remembering growing up with you there
Remembering "Baby Monkey" and "Boochen"
Remembering the early years
I Cried
Sometimes happy you didn't have to deal with me anymorE
Remembering my recent bad treatment
No longer having you means I must face this world alone
I Cried
Knowing why you went away
It was me, seeing the poison you held every day
When I realized, I did not help
Only made the disease worsen
Closed minded was I at the options there were
Ichose hate and violence as my answer
Bringing you to tears every day
But I realized not the price we both would pay
In the end we both lost
Though we could have chosen a different way
I Cried
When I saw you in the bed
When I held your hand, swolen and hot
When you spoke but no words formed
I Cried
When they said there was little hope
When you said "I love you" for the last time
Not knowing that was the last I would see
I Cried
Before I rested after what seemed like eternity
And I Cried
When they woke me up and said "Mama died"
I hope this sent a message to people that mistreat their parents, I did, and I live in regret everyday

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