I Miss You so bad

was bored really ANd i will start updating my stories PROMISE u can erm TRY and kill me if i dont ok=]

Created by yuuki1tenshi on Thursday, November 20, 2008

Read Little memo Plz? :) =]
I miss you
I miss you,
missing you bad,
Still i dont forget you,
Isnt it sad?

I never count on yesterday the past may not exist,

I’ll never give myself away there’s reasons to resist.

Outside the snow keeps on falling,

And though the wind I hear calling.

A memory of a happy time,

But loving you became a crime

And in these winter days I find,

That you are always on my mind

And if you only knew

How much I think of you

And if I had your hand to hold

I think I might not be so cold
I remember Your touch
that wiped my tears away
Your calm and soothing voice
that kept the fears at bay
soon my frown turned into a smile
and i even felt free for a while
But now you've gone and left
and i fight my fears alone
but i cant fight much longer
not when Im on my own
Dreams are now old memories
that are never coming back
Nightmares chased them away
Turning everything black
I have so many fears to fight
And the biggest has come true
Because my worst fear of all
Was the one that meant losing you
So once again im feeling cold
without your warming hand to hold
But i cant forget you
and that makes me sad
I miss you
and i miss you so bad
hope you liked it PLz message me if you do And again ill try and update more =[

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