My Great-Grandmother

Half of this is a new poem and the other half is 1 I wrote a long time ago. thanks to the people who have rated or read my poems. this isn't the best poem but it was the best i could do with how little I knew her.

Created by Anamora on Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gone out of existence
No longer alive
At the nursing home
her life they did not revive

No1 really knew her
No1 did see
All that she used to be
And memories of her are now a blur

I didn’t really care when she died
I was only upset at the tears her daughter cried

I went to her funeral
And every1 was wearing black
But no1 really wanted her back

I didn't know her that well
If it hadn't been mentioned
I wouldn't have remembered
She is dead

This is in honor
Of a woman I barely knew
to whom I barely spoke

Never had I thought
Of this old lady
who lad already lost her hearing

I don't remember her name
I only remember her pain

In the end

They say her death was a good thing
Too much pain

The only 1 who even really cared
was her daughter

I'm pretty sure that everyone else by now
has forgotten her

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