The Color Grey

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Created by jordan2092 on Saturday, November 22, 2008

When words cut like a burning knife

When all you want to do is take your own wretched life
When all that’s been said

Is weighing down upon your head

When you can’t go on any more

What the therapist is saying you’ve heard before

When life is pathetic and out of meaning

When all you want to do is start screaming

When the pain begins to overwhelm

When nothing seems more enticing than entering deaths bleak realm

When no one seems to listen or care

When you’re eyes can only stare

When the drugs don’t satisfy

In the night when you break down and silently cry

Out of mind, out of sight

You’re struggle with your fight

When you just want to leave

This life, this world is hell when your heart is bleeding pinned to your sleeve

Its insane how people don’t realize

When that part of you dies

How no one helps, no ones there

When thoughts of suicide and death seem to ensnare

Alone you retreat

Trying to avoid a depressing repeat

A repeat of all that has happened

That left your life withered and dampened

If you fell to the ground would any one hear?

Would any one be there to catch you, to help you and save you from your fear?

When everything loses its meaning

When into hells depths your life is careening

When each passing moment is the same throughout every day
When life is nothing more than a faded color of grey
Don’t give up

Keep going, don’t give in

Don’t let the people who brought you down all your life win

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