What is Biodiversity?

I wrote this for my Environmental class...

Created by WhyIsThisSoHard on Friday, November 28, 2008

It is the sum of all species living on earth-
Today there is an estimated 5 to 30 million species on earth.
All under threat-extinction by the human race
Urbanization, suburban sprawl cause habitat loss,
Air pollution, poaching, farming, grazing, clearing of land for space
Water-Agriculture runoff destroys fish and amphibians, Is this the cost?
The cut of tree, the sound of "timber," the burning invades
Rising, rising, still rising; black and gray,
The air polluted by Carbon Dioxide, this is not a game of spades!

Releasing and giving Carbon Dioxide, greenhouse gases are to stay.
Species: killed, for valuable parts; skins and bones
Poverty and rich collectors forward this
Dropping down, species' numbers fall like stones.
The people unaware and untrained, who are we to miss?
Benefits-benefits of Biodiversity!
Food security, tourism, and ethical obligations-
Finding medicines and drugs-Many in variety!
Seed banks-3000 plants found with cancer fighting chemicals are negotiations,
A direct source of income and intrinsic value-Joy!
An inherent right to exist-who are we to destroy?
ESA, Endangered Species Act along with CITES.
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species;
These help prevent possible extinction and sale.
Captive breeding, reintroduction, and cloning-do not bail.
Preserving Biodiversity, in zoos, gardens, rainforests,
Schools teaching how to help in hot spots
Who are we to take, who are we to say?
Biodiversity is to stay!

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