falling for you (sweet poem)

for girls only!

Created by beauty24680 on Saturday, February 18, 2006

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Falling for you!
I am falling where you cant catch me,
I am falling in a rush of air,
I feel that sinking feeling like been underwater,
Hold my hand dont let go,
When I look into your eyes,
Then you look away I feel as if Im falling.
I am falling I cant help losing my mind,
When you dont answer me,
I feel as if Im falling out of love,
But when you touch me,
I feel as if I could fly,
But when I turn around I fall.
Im falling because I lose everything when Im near you,
Just hold onto me tightly,
Then I can stop feeling light-headed,
0h, please stay with me,
because when I take a step,
I feel as if Im falling down a deep hole.
Dont you know why Im falling,
Im feeling this feeling because of you,
I cant help hanging on your every word,
I cant help thinking your eyes are so dreamy,
I cant help falling for you,
I cant help wanting you so.

But if you dont need me as much as I do,
It goes to waste,
Please help me to stop falling for you,
If you asked me Id give you my heart.

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