Stupid Boys....

whoops, put this in the story section instead of the poems one... my bad.

Created by mynameisirrelevant on Saturday, December 06, 2008

They all like to say "your mom"
When the situation doesnt call for it,
Can they not see that it's dumb?
Just make yourself look like an idiot.
Those stupid boys,
They break our hearts,
Thinking we're toy's
Made up of sturdy parts.
Those stupid little men,
They don't know when to stop,
You can tell them again and again,
But it's never enough.
Those stupid immature creatures
Can they not see?
That the toughest girls heart,
Can break easily.
Those stupid humans
Won't ever understand,
We've all got standards,
And what we expect from our man.
If we tell them we love them,
There's really no point,
Even if we say that we want them,
They're still stupid boys.
When we say it's okay,
And everything is fine,
We aren't okay,
We're telling you lies.
What's so hard to get?
What's so complicated about girls?
We just want to be your baby,
We want to be your world.
We want you to love us,
And we want you to care,
But most important of all,
We want you to be there.
If we are tired,
Lull us to sleep in your arms,
We want to be close to you,
We want to feel your warmth.
We'll be there for you,
If you'll just be there for us,
There so much you can do
To win back our trust.
Girls, don't let the boy in,
If he wont hold you when you cry,
You've got to lock up your heart,
and throw the key to the sky....

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