Alone In The Crowd

Created by XxXMidnightScreamerXxX on Monday, December 08, 2008

I don't know why,
People always try
To fit in with the world when they are wild and loud.
But I'm alone in the crowd.
I do what I do,
Because I'm striving not to be like you.
When I want to go to war,
I sit at home and ignore.
At school all the ignorance I see,
But being alone in the crowd is the way to be.
You live for you,
To yourself you stay true.
I'm so different from the rest of the crowd,
I live in depression and inside a very dark cloud.
I don't choose this way,
But it is my choice to stand up to say.
If you are alone and depressed,
Or hurt and stressed.
Get up on your feet,
And dance to this beat.
This is the rebellion against the crowd,
So join me now and choose to fight back til' you cant fight any more.
We will go out fighting and this fight will be remembered,
When the teenagers who have been damaged decided,
To come together and fought for what they believed.
That they wouldn’t be made fun of anymore,
For the way they dressed or the depression they wore.
They came out of the shadowed corners,
Because the felt that they were alone in the crowds.

(Another poem and another photo of me...please tell me what you think and please rate 'cause you know you love me that much!!)

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