Just so fed up with his b/s. and so fed up with trying to be with him, it's just not worth it n-e more. i love him i do.but he about to go soon.

Created by monkeymia on Thursday, December 11, 2008

I dont understand why you react this way,
I thought we'd get through this,
Though it seems that you can't,
You cant let go of this fight and throw it away,
You rather prove what you think is right then have my sweet kiss,
I promise you when i let go that is something you will miss,
I'm trying to forget this...but i dont think i can,
You disrespect my life altogether,
I think pretty soon i'm going to call this THE END,
You wanted me forever,
though forever has come to a stop,
I can't rewind and go back to yesterday,
I can't fast forward to tomorrow,
But i canlive for Today,
And Today we have no future,
And Today my heart will no longer be stressed but cured,
And Today I wont tolerate your disrespect,
Because our love that we had??
Is something i forgot to have kept,
It's a sad tragedy to have loved and lost,
Too Bad,
because if you haven't realized....I was theboss.

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