The Goldfish

A fish of gold it may be, but that does not mean it is worth a fortune . .

Created by BlueBlondeBabe on Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Goldfish
A fish of gold it may be,
But it does not seem like a fortune to me.
For it is just a fish,
But for a house cat it would make the perfect dish.
Every few moments the goldfish swims round,
And every few moments a new friend is found.
But alas,
It's just the reflection of the fish in the glass.
A goldfish eats fish food from the very top of the bowl,
And when it swims up it swallows it whole.
But there is one,
Who lives life only for fun.
And she believes that the friendship of a fish is worth more then mere gold,
And from generation to generation this story has been told.
And so the child and the fish lived happily ever after,
And they lived the rest of their lives with joy and laughter . .

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