Measure of Life


Created by WordsAreMySavior15 on Monday, December 15, 2008

Measure of Life
What does it mean to truly live?
To forgive
But not forget
Not to regret
But to accept
To change
But still remain the same
To stay true
To all your values
Have you lived when you've done all these things?

Is that the true measure of life?

Is life measured in years?
If so, is pain measured in tears?
Is success measured in awards?
Is value measured what you can afford?

What is the true measure of life?

If measured in years
Do I have a given life-span,
everyday coming closer to the end.

If pain is measured in tears
Have I had my share of pain through the years?
Will everything be alright,
Because I'm not crying my self to sleep at night?

Have I found the true measure of life?

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