nothing last forever


Created by reb92 on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As the colours fade, the seasons change,

Then the reality hits,

Nothing makes sense when your worlds falling apart,

Pain never known, starts pulling at your heart, tearing it apart,

No matter how hard you try to run, you cant hide,

How can you were I smile for all to see,

When it feels like the weight of the worlds on your shoulders,

You whisper to your self, be strong and don’t let them see,

The tears that flow like rivers,

I cant stand to see you so broken and frail,

If there’s no cure how can I be of use,

If all I ever learned for life is to pick up the pieces,

Of someone else’s broken heart, how do I mend my own,

How do I get over fear, before I lose all faith in the world,

How come all the bad things happen to good people,

Maybe I’m not that good but why,

The pain blinding my vision,

It hurts now, will it fade,

I just don’t want to let go, the pains all I have,

If letting goes what’s best, then I don’t want it,

I’m clinging on to everything you gave to me,

Every one changes,

Every one leaves you in time,

When nothing last forever,

What are you meant to do?
this is kind of differnt than my normal poems i think.
i would really like your thoguhts on this one,
i want to make it better.
well i want to maek all my poems better but
never mind just message me with what you think

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