Where The Red Fern Grows Poem


Created by rockstarrobot on Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This poem is about when Billy is on his way/getting his new pups.

I rounded the river
almost there
I started to boost my speed
As I looked down, i could do nothing but stare
I peeked out from the brush
But, to find a swarm of people
All caught up in a rush
I started to walk into the town
People laughing, some staring

I appeared at a strange place
A strange boy glaring
I had nothing to say
all the kids were doing something I had to try
They went inside
I started my way down, scared i might die
A lady questioned me, I answered with pride

I finally arrived at my destination
I couldn't wait to see the puppies
And when I did, it was such a sensation
They were just as I dreamed
I left with them in my sack
A smile on my face
On my way back

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