The Sun, Moon, and Stars

Created by Makiu on Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Sun, Moon, and Stars

And there sat the Sun and the Sky

And the Sky tried to devour the Sun

And the Sun couldn’t get away fast enough

And so, the Sun bled out shades of vermillion and gold

And then, one day, the sky finally won

And the sun was gone forever

And then there was no Light for the Moon

And the Moon was forever waning

And there was no more Moon

To move the Clouds

To bring forth Thunder

To call forth the Rain

And there was no Storm

To bring the Mist

To hide the Cloud’s Rain

To hide the Storm’s Thunder

And far, far away, sat the Demon Star and the Other Star

And the Demon Star ate the Other Star

And the Other Star could only bleed shades of black and blue

And there was no escape

And then the Sun returned

And the Moon became Full

And the Demon Star and its Other Star shone

And reflected in everyone’s eyes were no longer vermillion skies

And the Sky told the Cloud

To let the Rain pour

And let the Storm shed its tears of Thunder

And summon the Mist

And cover them up

And hide them from the world

And the world from them

And to hide them from the Sky

Because the Sky was so big

Enough to encompass them all

And not just one

Out of seven or none

And far, far away, the Demon Star and the Other Star

Were still dancing their dance

But this time the Demon Star learned to let go

And now the Angel Star shares its lights of diamond and white

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