I'm going home today, the place where all my pain started, I get to see her face if she dares to show up and confront all her mistakes another time. I guess I'm alittle on the edge if you know what I mean, insanity's here in a way, I sort of feel like I'm losing my mind.

Created by flyleafchick16 on Saturday, December 20, 2008

hey mommy
I'm coming home
glad to see me?
where's your smile?
let's play the melody & song
the depths into my mind
go ahead, try to read me
I'm bottled up
the seal left shut
I'm back now mommy
you wanna see?
let's play a game
I'll tag you in
welcome to my channel
welcome to my fort
come on mom, it's me & you
one more time, insanity new

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