What Does Love Feel Like?

A poem!!! YAY!!!!

Created by roxxursoxx2 on Friday, December 26, 2008

What does love feel like

When a boy hugs a girl

When he looks her into eye

And tell her she’s his world

What does heartbreak feel like

When your world is crashing down

Cause they no longer care

If you lay dead on the ground

What does life feel like

Hearing the rushing trees

Knowing you’ll wake up tomorrow

With someone there to please

What does hope feel like

When you heart goes up and sores

When you no longer have pain

But happiness to endure

What does believing feel like

When you know something is real

Will we ever get to experience this

This world so serial

What does joy feel like

The elated happy smiles

The ones that are contagious

And travel for a while

What do we all feel like

When something goes right, or something goes wrong

Do we act right away

Or just play along

hope you enjoyed this...sorry if you didn't..

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