Just give me one last chance

another poem. All the usual stuff. Hope you enjoy. (it actually rhymes!XD)

Created by XsnowflakeloveX on Friday, December 26, 2008

This will last forever
I won't let go, no never
Together tonight
That's why I sing, why I write
these words, they just spill
when we're together I feel that familiar chill
It brings all of my emotion
It gives me a reason, I have a devotion
I see you everyday, every night in my mind
When I'm with you, It's like I'm blind
can't see anything else in sight
Just you holding me so tight
And I'm hoping it's forever
I know, no matter what we endeavor
You'llstill stand strong
holding my hand and bringing me along
Lending me such bravery
No matter what they say, no matter how unsavory
This is forever, this is for all time
that's why I wrote this rhyme
To tell you how much I care
How much I just can't bare
without you I'm nothing
Stand by my side
I promise not to hide
thesefeelings will spill over
Just give me one lastchance
At this game called romance
You know I'll care forever
Love you now and ever
This will last forever

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