?~When I die show no pity send my soul to Juggalo city~?|2|

the continued part of the poem befor this called ?when i die show no pitty send my soul to Juggalo city?

Created by KibaxTidus on Sunday, December 28, 2008

The creature crawed through strife
and with all my might
I fired the shot
It didn't do alot
with my dagger I started to run
But the terror had just begun
I started to see familiar faces
in familiar places
Surrounded by the undead
I put many bullets in many heads
until there was none left
Juggalo city became haunted with death
I am their prey
each and every day
You either live to keep surving
hide alone always thriving
see yourself become one of them
or put your own life to an end
But however you choose your fake
It doesn't matter
It's to late
To save the human race
This is our fault
rape, murder, war, envy, and lies
This is the reason why
Now soon I will die
I refuse to have my soul become one of them
To die then live and kill again
For I am the only survivor in Juggalo city
I leave this world in sorrow and pitty
Before my flesh is tarred away
From corpses hands and teeth
I become dead stabbing myself in my head
Now no one is left in this sorrowful place for a story to tell
All the dead corpses left living on Earth
For there is no more room in hell....

T.H.E. E.N.D.

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