Amanda's Birthday Poem

I wrote this for my good friend Amanda's sixteenth birthday. "Dwyer" is an inside reference to a school we both attended, and despised deeply. She's a very unique person, the sort who is completely unabashed to say that she listens to German metal music. Happy sixteenth, Amanda!

Created by SpideressFromMars on Monday, December 29, 2008

This poem is penned for Amanda
A friend that I've known from the start
Since the day we met, within Dwyer
That gross educational fart!
But in even the nastiest places
A friend, with a friend, can soar
We ran about campus like loonies
Talked of anime, music and more!
And now you're sixteen, dear Amanda
We attend the same hell once again
Three years have gone by since I met you
I never would go back again
No matter what else transpires
Between now and the end of mankind
I'll always look back with a smile
On our glorious, lunatic times!

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