Werewolf Love Poem

hi its me...ive never made a poem b4 xcept 4 school but my friends like it so ill let u decide...plz message me...take my quizzes and im sry i havent made more im stuck so help plz...oh and vote 4 my new icon plz!! * I MADE THIS WHEN I WAS YOUNG, I TRIED TO RE DO IT*

Created by moonhowler996 on Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's just me
Don't be afraid
Iwantto show you something,
What your kindness has made
Iwould fightfor you
'Cause you are so kind
Iwould walkone million miles
Foryouto be mine
Iwould killfor you,
Everything with a hoof
Icould only do that
'Cause I'm part wolf
Pleasedon't be afraid
Pleasedon't judge me
I`ll go away if you want
I`ll run untill there isn't a single tree
Youdont want meto leave
Youare not scared
You don't care that I'm part wolf,
Everyone else seemedto care...
You want meto stay
You want meto hold
But I'm 109.8F
You said, I'm cold
Isaid in german
Ich liebe dich (I love you)
So you kissed me
AndI said thats sick

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