Dedication to the Dead (Poem For the Fallen)

*Sigh* Dedicated to those who have died serving and those who are still fighting for their lives in wars. You earned my trust and pain. Dedicated also to my cuz, Tony. May you rest in peace cousin. T.T

Created by evilRevan on Friday, January 02, 2009

Darken skies

The sky seems to drip

Bloodied skies loom over us

Screams haunt the whistling winds

I can't hear my thoughts

Everything is just so far away

Yet I see bloodied skies

The sky is dripping tainted blood

The wars continue

But are we smart enough to avoid them?

My mind is sent into chaos

The winds give chill

But do I have the will

To scream out

Against the deaths I see before my eyes?

No ...

I can't....

My mind is still haunted

Nothing is clear

The sky is tainted with blood

Oh I see darkened skies

Blood runs over the skies

Over the ground

And over those dead souls

Why must we suffer?

Why is it I can't see the future?

My eyes are meant to see the future

Why... Why is it clouded then?

I see people falling on both sides

Darken skies float

And I see bloated bodies

They fight

Yet I'm scared of the blood

Blood drenches the ground in a crimson scene

Yet I scream

No one can help the massacre that is to come

Will we ever look up?

Will we see deathly hallows?

Darken Skies loom over us

Yet we ignore the signs

Everyone look up

See the darken skies

See the blood running into the sky

Look at your hands

See the blood spilt

Don't look away

Our fears aren't the same

As lives are

The wind will whisper the screams

Of the lost souls

Don't cover your ears

You need to hear

The wind is so cold

The bone chilling effect needs to be felt

The decay needs to be smelt

Our eyes need to be open

Our senses need to be

Wide and awake

Don't forget us in the fields

We gave up long ago

But can the rest of us forget so freely?

Let your screams be heard

Raise your voice into the wind

Let them ride the winds to everyone

Let them hear you

Let them know you're in need

Never let them forget

What we fight for

Darken skies

Don't hide us from the world

Show us the light of day

Not the despair of the world

Don't show me the dead

I want to see the living

I want them to know what we stand for

Show me the smiling faces

Not the scared frozen faces

Scream loud and clear

Don't let another moment pass by

Let your life live on in someone

Not in your battered body

Let everyone see us

Let them see how hard we fight

Darken skies

Don't stain the sky red

I want them to be blue

The darkness is nothing

Compared to smiling faces

Let them know

We are here

We are fighting

We live strong

And we won't quit

Until the order is given

Don't say goodbye

Say forever

Don't give in

Let the light commend

Our actions and intents

Darken skies...

Go away and let the light through

Darken Skies

Go away forever

Let the world know of our actions

Let them know our lives

Don't let the world lie

Branded metals mean nothing

I want them to know before I go

Darken skies...

Fade away...

Bloodies Skies...

Turn blue...

Darken skies...

Go away forever...

Dedicated to those whom have died serving, during past wars, and in the current one we are having.

May you rest in peace....

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