Don't Bother Me

I didn't write this, I found it in a book called Dare2Share, and it really impacted me, so I thought I'd post it.

Created by PsychoGringa102794 on Sunday, January 04, 2009

Don't bother me with souls to save.
I've got my own agenda.
There's school to do, sports to play,
Important stuff to attend to.
Don't bother me with that little girl,
playing in the street.
She's far too young to understand
the Savior she could meet.
Don't bother me with my friend at school.
He's got his own religion.
I don't have time to change his mind.
He'll make his own decision.
Don't bother me with distant sounds I hear,
The sounds of people screaming.
Although I wonder who they are.
What are these victims shrieking?
Don't bother me with who they are.
I really don't want the blame.
For it's the little girl and my friend at school
Who from hell scream out my name...
But don't bother me.

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