R.I.P my dear friend

for my friend Misa who comitted suicide today

Created by AyaXNear on Thursday, January 15, 2009

You felt useless

Like you had nothing to live for

You lived today like it was the last day

you laughed along with your friends

told you secrets

little did everyone know, that it was for real

today was your last day

you didnt lose you life to drugs

or a reckless driver

or even a deadly disease

you died by your own hands

the rope hanging there with you dangling

the chair pushed out from under you

You left behind friends who cared

left behind the family who loved you

left behind your hopes and dreams

So as i lay the flowers on your grave i have these words to say

even though you didnt see it but

you were the one that heldmy world together

you were theone who can save anyone

R.I.P my dear friend

we will all truely miss you

especially me..

(For my dear friend Misa who committed suicide today by hanging herself... and no Aya.. dont you dare do the same..)


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